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Quick Fire Cash

Take a trip to the Wild West with this new and exciting game that will make winning 13 times easier! The game itself is divided into four mini-games, each with thirteen new chances to win big!

It is easy to get a hand of QuickFire Cash. To say it is simple is an understatement. In the first game, there will be barrels which are covering symbols that hold prizes. There will be two symbols that you need to uncover from underneath the barrels, and you need to uncover it in one go in order to win the prize.

The second game is all about revealing numbers through coins. There will be two numbers after you pick a coin. If the number you chose is bigger than the one given, then you will be winning the prize. 

The third game is interesting one and is sure to get frustrating at some point. There will be $ signs hiding two numbers, which you will have to pick. If the two numbers add up to 10 in one go, you will win. 

The fourth game is more hide and seek. You will need to click on the moneybags, and only one is hiding a huge amount of cash.